DESCRIPTION OF COURSE – This course is available to students who have successfully completed courses 075 and 076. Students in this class will use the skills from both the Digital Video and Webcasting courses to create original HD programming for the high school’s streaming website “Wildcat News Net” and Newark’s Time-Warner Digital 19.  Students will also learn to manage a streaming media website, posting related written materials, still photos, and video programs on-line.  Many completed projects will be entered in regional competitions.  This class should be considered a co-curricular activity and will require students to dedicate time outside of school hours to complete their projects. Some production work may require dismissal from portions of the school day. This class is designed for motivated students with a strong interest in the media industry.


This course has a nominal fee to offset the cost of recording media used by students in the class. Parents will be required to sign an equipment liability waiver to allow students to sign out equipment overnight.